Owing to financial uncertainty arising from the Covid-19 crisis, the funds currently available to the Governors are restricted. However, applications for Ewelme Financial Awards from those with specific, urgent need may be submitted for consideration and must be supported by all appropriate documentation.


If you are contemplating applying for a Bursary Award there is an established
process and timeline for applications and decisions (shown right).

Decision letters are sent out by the end of February.

A final decision on those awards made in partnership with Independent schools will be
made following the confirmation of the award by the school.

To apply for a Bursary Award, please complete the application form (link below).

The form asks for detailed information on parent finances and requires a testimonial by the applicant’s current Headteacher to be sent separately to the Clerk.


Late applications

Exceptionally, late applications and re-applications arising from significant changes in circumstances may be considered.


Applications for Grants use a separate application form.
These may be submitted at any time.

A testimonial or reference is required from the applicant’s course teacher, tutor or supervisor and a written submission with costings where appropriate will be necessary and details of any other money raised.


Bursary application timeline


We expect parents of all our successful candidates to send end of year reports (and interim reports if particularly good or critical) for review by the Governors. We liaise with the schools closely throughout the lifetime of the awards.   A report is also required from a student benefiting from the award of a grant.